Enrollment Procedure

Required Documents

1. Birth Certificate       
A child's Birth Certificate will be required including all children in households who are 18 and younger. 
2. Proof of Address
( It must contain both parents' names.)    
1) Utility Bills or
2) Rental/Lease Agreements or
3) Both Parents Copy of Driver License with current address and any kind of bills 
 3. Proof of Income for Employee       
1) Employment Verification Form 
2) Payroll Check Stubs - Need the most recent four weeks of payroll records
3) Letter from the employer - Office Letterhead with employer's signature.  
4. Proof of Income for Self-employment      
1) Self-Declaration of Income Form 
2) Client Receipts, Jog log, Appointment list, etc. 
3) Tax return report       
5. Proof documents for Student parents      
1) Student Verification Form
2) Class Schedule 


For more information call
(213) 315-5076